Show Notes: Episode 113

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Reblfleur’s Poem

Goblins are grinning with teeth pointy and sharp,
as they sing off-tune with their large golden harp.
It may just be the arrow in my bum,
But I no longer think orcs are icky and dumb.

The birds are chirping a beautiful song.
and I don’t even mind my queue is so long.
Perfume and cologne make a resurgence too
And gnomes finally bathe to look shiny and new.

Forget finding someone to put in a gem in my socket
Because now all my time is spent with my love rocket
Ok, I might break for a picnic or two
But that’s only when I know I get to share it with you!

You bring the chocolate, and I’ll bring heart candy
Let the drinks pour! more champagne! pour more brandy!
Will you take a S.E.L.F.I.E? I might even ask.
So we ham it up and pose in our vile fumigator’s mask.

Our WoW friendships are more priceless than all Stormwind’s jewels
So make sure to share time with your favorite Love Fools
That’s right, it’s all about the precious time that we share,
and it’s the reason for celebrating Love is in the Air.