Answer Us This (Episodes | Contributions)
We have questions. You have answers. Let’s hear ’em!

Bloodlust or Heroism? (Episodes)
A listener or guest gets two minutes to become sated. If they choose Bloodlust, they rant about something that has their blood aboilin’. If they choose Heroism, they rave about something happy and exciting.

Carousel of Mounts (Episodes | Supplemental Materials)
Where we help you reach for that brass ring and grow your collection of mounts.

Dunk Tank Trivia (Episodes)
Our signature game of Warcraft trivia. The winner gets the glory, but the losers get dropped into the frigid waters of Northrend, courtesy of one of Moogyver’s wonderful teleportation devices.

Flea Circus (Episodes)
Apsana’s daughters Ally and Ray share their advice.

From the Mouths of Orc Babes (Episodes)
This is where we present our wish lists to Blizzard.

Hoarders (Episodes)
We dig into our banks’ detritus and pull out a couple items. Then we add one that’s total poppycock into the mix. Can you tell the difference?

Lost Adventurer’s Journal (Episodes | Supplemental Materials)
Skolnick of Warcraft Less Traveled presents this exclusive segment featuring excerpts from his Azerothian travels.

Project Silvermoon (Episodes)
A transmog contest in which the hosts are presented with a piece of gear from anywhere in Warcraft and must assemble a set using that piece as their theme. Then it is up to you to vote on the winner!

Quick Shot (Episodes)
Get the information you need to make earning achievements a snap. (Or at least as easy as it’s going to get!)

Reblfleur’s Believe It or Not! (Episodes)
You won’t believe all these ridiculous forum posts — and maybe you shouldn’t!

Sideshow of Suck (Episodes | Contributions)
We’ve all been the noob at some point or another—even if we should have known better. The sideshow is where everyone comes to share their greatest moments of fail.

The Center Ring (Episodes)
We pick a new topic each episode and hold a roundtable discussion.

The Prize Booth (Episodes)
We pick an in-game toy to discuss its awesomeness and where you can acquire it.

The Shipwreck Diary (Episodes | Contributions)
Messages are washing ashore in bottles sent from a mysterious isle. We read them on the show as they emerge from the seas.

The Weekly Herald (Episodes)
Where we present the latest and greatest news from under the big top of Azeroth.

Warcraft Not Traveled (Episodes)
Skolnick presents Azerothian lore that’s not exactly been verified.

Wonders of Azeroth (Episodes)
A celebration of kindness within the World of Warcraft.

Words with the Wise (Episodes)
Our special interview segment.