Nickname: Kelpkeeper / Kelpologist
Main Race/Class: Blood Elf Destro Warlock (Mistahdark)
Favored Alts: Goblin Hunter (Kooger), Forsaken Priest (Trainman)
Preferred Role: Flower-picker
Horde or Alliance: For Sylvanas!
Joined WoW: September 2011
Favorite Dungeon/Raid: That one where Kevin owned everyone’s face and I got shinies. (That’s all of them so far!)
Favorite Activity: Exploring coastal waters, gathering ore and herbs, and attending the Darkmoon Faire.
Personal Suck Moment: Wandering off into mobs and thinking, “I got this!”
Catch Phrase: “May the kelp be with you!”
Favorite WoW Character: The Dark Lady