Contest: Kelpkeeper Walsh Hearthstone Card

The winners of the Kelpkeeper Walsh Hearthstone Card Contest were revealed on Episodes 90 and 91.


Seems balanced, eh?

Barnzart Monk

Walsh is a neutral legendary card that costs 5 mana.

Choose one: Demonologist or Kelpkeeper

  • Demonologist: Summon three random demons. (5/6)
  • Kelpkeeper: Stealth. At the end of your turn, summon a random Herb. (4/4)

0 mana 0/1 with Stealth. They die at the end of your turn. (Except for Wild Steelbloom.)

  • Peacebloom: Heal 5 health to your Hero at the start of your turn.
  • Silverleaf: Gain 1 extra mana.
  • Earthroot: No more than 1 minion can attack per turn.
  • Fadeleaf: Your hero has Stealth.
  • Khadgar’s Whisker: Your minions can attack minions with Stealth.
  • Ghost Mushroom: Your minions have Stealth.
  • Gronnsblood: Attacks deal +1 damage to demons.
  • Goldclover: Spell power +1.
  • Ragveil: Your minions won’t activate secrets.
  • Felweed: All minions are considered Demons.
  • Goldthorn: Your minions take 1 less damage from all sources.
  • Wild Steelbloom: Your herbs last one extra turn. (Lasts until killed.)


Kelpkeeper Walsh would be a 5/4 legendary card that only comes in gold! When played, both players gain 1 random Kelp card. (Walsh, being such a friendly guy, would want to share.)

Kelp cards:

  • Green Kelp: Gain 2 extra mana for this turn.
  • Fel-Infused Kelp: Give a minion +3/-1 for this turn.
  • Strangle Kelp: Silence a minion.
  • Dark Kelp: Summon Sylvanas Windrunner with Charge. If still alive at the end of the turn, she dies.

Keeper of Alts

It seems that Kelpkeeper has dabbled with his Kelp and made it extra strong and very powerful. As his card is played, he says, “Dark Lady watch over you.”

The Kelp itself (which is, in fact, alchemically enhanced Stranglekelp) sticks to whichever minion it is tossed at and takes a full turn to remove.

Kelpkeeper may not fight in his own right, but he does take care of the enemy.

Taylor Sloan

Not exactly the best graphic design job, but Paint’s all I’ve got to work with!

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