Answer Us This #26

How do you display your Warcraft pride—at home, work, or even on your car? (Bonus points for pictures!)

MBuhtz: I have a Pandaria background on my work computer. My kids wear WoW t-shirts. I put nothing on my car.

Devillo: I have a nice Deathwing shirt I wear all the time and have a ton of BC figures around my home office.

Scorpionride: I run at people with a giant Orchid’s Axe.

Manajamba: Iz eat gnome or pointy earz fur breakfast daily, mon.

DuranDuranGyrl: My Illidan shirt from my favorite expansion.

Vaeflare: I display my World of Warcraft pride with my matching World of Warcraft license plates.

Shagwell93: I have the MoP cover as a wallpaper on my phone!

Davidcryix: We have signed BlizzCon posters from all 6 years up and assorted stuffed animals.

Nirunn_wow_tor: I have an Alliance shirt from Jinx, the Murloc figurine on my desk, and the BC map mousepad from the Collector’s Edition.

Amybelle01: BlizzCon Foo Fighters t-shirt goes a long way!

RhoWoW: I listen to WoW podcasts at work instead of normal radio tunes. I’m a certified geek amongst my customers.

Conradforbis: Desk calendar! 5–6 shirts! Plushies, Mega Bloks, and the BlizzCon “Deathwing” statue at home!

Zackodst: Wear the shirt to the bar every Friday and people buy you drinks.

IkyHayashi: An etched glass stein of the Alliance Lion.

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